Thursday, November 6, 2008

Collaboration with Debra Linker: Part 2

Things are moving right along with the ornaments. I am able to manage crafting 1 to 2 sets of them a night. Other than my 1 year old frying my laptop with cup of coffee I should have set out of her

Like John MaCain says, "That One."

Not much else to write but I have a few more pictures of the crafting process to those who are interested.
This is who I have dubbed 'pancake santa'. He is basicaly the shape of one of my pancakes. I never get them round. Do you? Here I am just getting the shape worked out.

Here I am just adding some details...

"pancake" is all done and ready to be baked!
The shapes and style that Debra uses for "Folksy Santa" paintings are fantastic to work with. It's very hard to get bored with them. I think that's why I have so much fun making them. This is the fun triangle shaped santa.

I'm basically just hammering out the shape here...

Adding the beard....see it there? On the side? lol

All done and ready for baking!
That's it for now!
La Te Dough

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