Monday, October 20, 2008

Bad American Host!

My husband has Japanese brother. When he was growing up in Modesto, California his parents decided to be a host family to a Japanese exchange student. They were so good at being a host family that the Exchange student basically adopted them as his parents and had them attend his wedding and visits them often in Modesto with his wife.
Thus, that is how we have uncle Koji in our lives.

So, Koji gave my husband a call the other night and told him that one of his wife's old ballet students (his wife was a prima ballerina in Osaka)has become an exchange student at the University of Washington and has had the unfortunate experience of being set up with a bad host family.
This family doesn't talk with her much or feed her or include her at all in their lives. On one occasion she asked if they could have a dinner together and they gave her a frozen T.V. dinner and told her it was "The American Way". (Understand that as a host family you are given money for meals and other expenses...)

So Koji asked us if we could contact her and visit with her to show her not all Americans are bad and to introduce her to some good all American meals.

I'm excited to have her over but I'm wondering what kind of dinner I should make. Any ideas out there?
What's a good all American meal - besides "Thanksgiving" dinner.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thanks, Rachel

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